Spreader plate for underfloor heating with suspended floors

Spreader plates are laid across traditional joists and fixed in place using nails, screws or staples. ProWarm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe is fixed in the grooves of the plates, insulation is placed in the void below the plates to minimise downward heat loss and dissipate the heat even across the floor.

Aluminium spreader plates are fixed to the joists using screws or nails, the plates have 16mm preformed groves in them set at 200mm centres to accommodate ProWarm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipes.

A standard installation for this system assuming the joists are deep enough would be to fix batons to the sides of the joists (about 70mm from the top of the joist) then a 50mm foiled faced insulation like Celotex/Kingspan is cut and placed onto the batons, the pipe work is then clipped directly into the spreader plates.

Features & benefits

  • Provides ready-made pipe securing & spacing using pre grooved heat transfer boards
  • Can be installed within battens or timber joists
  • Suitable for joist or batten spaces 400mm centres
  • Below insulation barrier, ensures heat is transferred to living space
  • For use with 15mm or 16mm pipe
  • (WxLxD) 390mm x 1000mm 0.3mm (groove depth: 16mm)


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