timber focus internal cladding

Sertiwood is a premium range of factory finished timber cladding for use internally or externally and is one of the latest wall covering design products.

Sertiwood Internal timber cladding is used for finishing internal walls and ceilings including feature walls. Sertiwood is available in a wide range of finishes and over 200 colours to completement every internal house design from modern, rustic to shabby chic. The most common types of Sertiwood Internal Wall Coverings are Rustic, White Wax and DragonWOOD – Burnt Charred Effect.

  • Sertiwood Rustic; this is a combination of colors from the greys of smoke, denim to the light browns and deep reds cappuccino, cherry etc. The Rustic range has a fine textured surface giving you options and designs to choose from such as rustic, barnwood, shabby chic etc.
  • Sertiwood White Wax this is more of a natural limewash effect factory finished this allows the real wood grain and characteristics of the wood to show through. This is a smooth finish.
  • Sertiwood Dragonwood this is charred burnt effect which produces no dirt or dust issues easy to clean and maintain. This is a good presentation of the Japanese technique of wood burning for use in cladding applications.

The benefits of using the Sertiwood Range of products these are manufactured from sustainable wood, these are available to suite every design, factory finished allowing for quick and easy installation and have low embodied energy. The Sertiwood Range can be used in all living rooms and kitchens including all walls and ceilings. These products can be purchased in both very small quantities and also very large volumes to suite every project.


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