timber focus western red cedar cladding

Timber Focus is a leading supplier of western red cedar cladding and fencing, offering premium grades of Imported Western Red Cedar also known as thuja plicata

Some of the popular products include: SertiWOOD Canadian Western Red Cedar Slats used for Cladding, trellis, screens, fencing and feature walls. These are premium selected battens planed smooth with eased edges and are asy to install.

Product details:

Size: 18 x 38mm -1.83 meters long

Packages: Sold in bundles of 21 pieces (to make a fence panel 6’x6’ you will need  1.5 bundles)

Grade: Premium select virtually knot free

Profile: Available in eased edges

Installation: Horizontal, vertical or diagonal

Surface texture: Smooth rounded corners


Key properties:

Colour: Colour palette of mellow colour tones, which vary from light amber to dark reddish-brown.

Durability: When properly finished and maintained, Western Red Cedar will deliver decades of trouble-free service. It has a decay resistance of durability class 2 (durable) according to the EN 113 standard.

Stability: Western Red Cedar has excellent dimensional stability because of its low wood density and shrinkage factor.  Shrinkage and swelling are minimal, displaying only small movements with changes in humidity.

Sourcing/certification: Western Red Cedar is sourced from the most sustainably managed forests in the world in British Columbia, Canada and comes with PEFC certification.

Maintenance and Care: We recommend the SertiWOOD Cedar Oil with UV properties to allow the wood to maintain its beautiful colour for longer.

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