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Here at T&K we design and install uPVC, Aluminium and timber windows in a range of styles to suit your property. Whether you are looking for Flush Sash Windows, Vertical Sliding Windows or Tilt & Turn Windows, we can custom- design the perfect replacement windows that will add style and value to your property.

Depending on the window material you choose, there are a number of colour options to suit you and your taste. We offer wood effect finishes to preserve the traditional charm of your property or add character. You could even incorporate dual colour options so that the outer and inner frame are different colours.

We offer a large collection of window furniture pieces, ranging from sleek modern bars to classic monkey tail handles. They’re available in a number of styles to add the perfect finishing touches to your new windows. Decorative glass is also available in an array of patterns to add a bespoke aesthetic to any window.

Our thermally efficient windows allow you to stay warm inside of your home whilst saving money on your energy bills, meaning the cost of windows extends beyond the point of purchase. Depending on the window style, you could choose between double or triple glazing for your new windows which can achieve U-values as low as 0.8.

If outside noise is preventing you from relaxing in your home or getting enough sleep, you need a way of quietening it down to improve your standard of living. Fortunately, our acoustic window glass is just what you need. With it, we can turn your home into a tranquil living space, the perfect place to unwind and grab a good night’s rest.

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