Graphic of inside of pipe

Uponor is a total solutions provider of systems for the safe transportation of water around a building. They have created the Ecoflex VIP by combining bonded and unbonded insulated pipes to create a hybrid solution that is able to deliver up to 48% lower heat loss compared to unbonded pipes and 34% compared to bonded pipes. This new high performance, pre-insulated pipe solution drastically minimises heat and energy losses while simultaneously being quicker and easier to install.

The insulation within an Ecoflex VIP pipe means it has a lambda value of only 0,004 W/mK, which is why the pipe delivers such low heat losses. The pipe achieves this thanks to several key elements of its hybrid design, including the microporous structure of its fumed (amorphous) silica layer, a vacuum which evacuates any air inside and its multilayer foil with diffusion barrier.

To further optimise efficiency levels, Ecoflex VIP’s insulation values ensure low return flow temperatures back to energy plants. The low level of heat loss will also provide significant operational cost savings over the lifetime of the pipe compared to alternative solutions that waste energy and lead to higher bills for the end user.

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