Laying undefrloor heating

The home in question was originally built in 2007 and featured a mains gas ‘combi’ boiler, which provided two functions: heating via radiator connections and instant hot water.

Over time, this heating solution became difficult to regulate and was consequently expensive to run. The radiators also posed a threat to infants, with temperatures reaching up 80 degrees.

In light of all of the issues above, the client requested a sustainable heating option that could warm the house to a comfortable temperature 24/7.

After working with the installer (Hafod Renewables) and conducting regular consultation sessions with the client, we created a bespoke retrofit underfloor heating solution (Uponor Minitec) for the ground floor. This was coupled with a low temperature air source heat pump to improve efficiency.

One of the main challenges identified before the installation was the fact that the concrete floor could not be dug up as it would disturb the foundations and compromise the NHBC warranty. Through specifying Uponor Minitec, Hafod Renewables could install the system as an overlay which encompassed a special low depth liquid screed.

Overall, this only led to a small increase in the floor height (18mm) and the skirting boards were not touched during installation. What’s more, the underfloor heating now runs at 30-35 degrees- a significant reduction!

To further assist the client with regulating the temperature within the house, Uponor Smatrix underfloor heating controls were installed.


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