Cottage with oak frame extension

In the heart of the Welsh countryside in rolling Ceredigion hills, Rosemary Pugh’s picturesque cottage blends perfectly with the surroundings.

For a long time, Rosemary and her husband planned to renovate the historic cottage, which is on the site of the family farmhouse. Although a humble structure, the couple saw huge potential in it.

Sadly, before the project could become a reality, Rosemary’s husband passed away. Not wanting their dream to diminish, Rosemary, who is now her 70s, decided she would take on the project herself – the result is a real labour of love.

“Seven years ago, a tree in the apple orchard fell on the building, damaging the walls and roof and allowing water in,” says Rosemary. “I knew if I didn’t start the project then, it wouldn’t be possible to save the building.”

Rosemary’s builder – who had worked with her before – was her first port of call to act as main contractor. He suggested Welsh Oak Frame for the job, as he knew the they would be able to supply the perfect rustic structural beams for the main house and sunroom-style extension.

“I was very well looked after by Welsh Oak Frame,” she says. “Erecting the frame that supports the stone walls was done quickly and seamlessly.

“They were also happy to discuss requirements with my builder and helped us figure out how follow on trades could work with the frame, such as the local thatcher restoring the roof and the stonemason who worked on the exterior walls.”

The finished house is packed with character thanks to the exposed structural beams and the new sunroom flooding the space with light. “Every aspect of the cottage is just how I want it and I couldn’t be happier with the result,” says Rosemary.

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