Glazed arboreta kitchen

During their search for a house with plenty of land, Lynne and Derek Harkin fell in love with a detached farmhouse in rural North Wales.

With stunning views of the surrounding countryside, the couple were prepared to overlook some of the properties shortcomings in order to make the beautiful location their own.

Unfortunately, the elevation with the best views was poorly configured and badly insulated so couldn’t be used as a living space. The couple decided to replace the single-storey space with a new kitchen extension.

“Our plan was to create a big family area with a kitchen, dining and living area and a separate living room in the section nearest to the house”.

Plans for the new extension were drawn up and the couple got in touch with Welsh Oak Frame as they felt having exposed beams would be in keeping with the style of the original farmhouse and would add warmth and character to the new space. The frame for the extension was erected in just four days.

Completed by the couple’s builder, the exterior of the extension was clad in locally sourced stone with a slate roof to match the farmhouse.

Oak bi-fold doors with a large window above combine to create a fully glazed wall at the end of the room, revealing impressive countryside views.

“Although we love the cosy spaces of the original farmhouse, it’s fantastic to have the contrast of the extension with its open-plan layout, high ceilings and large expanses of glazing,” says Lynne. “We spend most of our time in this room now – it’s hard not to when it has the best views in the house”.


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