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A shower screen is both a functional and aesthetic element of a bathroom or wet room.

As a practical fixture, a shower screen can help to keep water within the shower space, preventing the rest of the wet room or bathroom from becoming flooded. It also stops other aspects of the room from becoming wet and damp before you have had the opportunity to dry yourself – think soggy toilet paper and wet towels!

The right shower screen can also make a stylish focal point for your bathroom, adding wow-factor and finesse to your layout. From an attention grabbing ‘walk through’ configuration in the middle of the room, to a minimalist screen tucked away in the corner of the room, the correct screen and fittings can bring your design to life.

Most shower screens can either be mounted direct to floor or mounted on a tray, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. A direct to floor shower screen in a level access wet room is ideal for young children, the elderly and people with mobility issues, as there is no step to overcome on entry. We always recommend that any size screen is full braced to provide additional stability in the event of slips or falls.

Wetrooms Online offer a wide range of wet room shower screens and shower enclosures to suit all budgets and design styles, available in sizes ranging from 300mm to 1600mm, and 8mm or 10mm thickness. Options such as side panels and hinged return panels can be added to create a bespoke enclosure. The screens all feature an easy clean coating as standard.

All the shower screens supplied by Wetrooms Online are from leading manufacturers including Merlyn, Kudos, Impey and Aqata. All screens are manufactured to European and UK safety standards.

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