Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is not simply an added luxury, it is an ideal way to heat your bathroom or wet room.

With rapid heat-up times, underfloor heating gives homeowners control of the heating levels in their bathroom, enabling the temperature to be accurately adjusted as needed. A highly efficient option, users can heat the rooms they want without wasting energy.

Wetrooms Online only sell underfloor heating from the leading manufacturer, Warmup. As an authorised Warmup online retailer, you can be assured that we offer some of the most competitive prices, coupled with expert product knowledge and amazing customer service.

The underfloor heating systems offered through Wetrooms Online are:

Warmup StickyMat

This underfloor heating system is an easy to fit product that simply rolls out and is fixed in place. Suitable for use on all projects, the StickyMat system consists of a thin loose wire evenly spaced and taped to a glass fibre mesh with pressure sensitive adhesive. This design helps to reduce installation time by 35%, for the fasted and most secure installation method of electric underfloor heating.


This is a heated decoupling system designed for fast installation in all areas. It’s ideal for use under tiles because the system protects the tiled flooring from cracks and gaps that can be caused by seasonal temperature changes. Consisting of a decoupling membrane with a heating cable, the DCM-PRO makes the installation of electric underfloor heating quick and easy.

The patent pending self-adhesive underside of the mat attaches directly to the subfloor and eliminates the need for an adhesive layer, significantly reducing installation time. The DCM-PRO can be covered with self-levelling compound, allowing it to heat and protect any floor covering material that is certified for use with underfloor heating.

In addition to these systems, a full range of thermostats is also available.

View the range of Warmup underfloor heating here.

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