Swimming pool

Concrete pool installation could be favoured when the shape or depth you want to achieve is more than a fibreglass pool can offer.

Concrete pools are a more traditional take on building a pool, but with many modern improvements to make the quality as good as it can be to increase the pools longevity.

There are three different methods to create a concrete pool, these methods include:

  • Reinforced concrete blockwork

Reinforced concrete blockwork is a method that involves building the foundations of the pool form blocks then reinforcing with concrete after the pool base is formed.

  • Shuttered and poured reinforced concrete

This is the process of creating a formwork in which the concrete is poured and formed. The shuttering is then removed to reveal the pool shape.

  • Sprayed reinforced concrete known as ‘gunite’ or ‘shotcrete’

With a temporary back shutter to form the pool, steel reinforcement cage is installed to walls and floors, all fittings are installed, and the shell is sprayed with concrete until the thickness is achieved. Afterwards the shuttering is removed.

A concrete pool does take longer to fit when compared to a fibreglass pool, but it gives you superb durability and can increase the value of your property.

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