Swimming pool

Indoor swimming pools are ideal for all year use and entertaining. As you can imagine the the process of installing an indoor pool can be made harder or easier depending on whether the pool is to be placed in an existing building or having a new building constructed around it.

With a new build the construction of the pool and the building itself can run simultaneously but to build inside an existing building it is much more complex, factors such as underpinning and access can hinder progress.

If you are working on a new build, a building contractor will often take care of the preparation work. This will often help with time and management of the work site prior to the pool’s arrival.

So how is an indoor pool built? Firstly, measurements are made followed by the creation of the pool’s foundation.

Once this is in place the pool’s shell can be inserted, if this is on a new build the construction of the pool’s surroundings are erected around the pool once it’s placed in the ground. Lastly the plumbing and wiring for the various fittings including the plant room (containing the pumps and cleaning system) are installed before fitment of coping stones and the pools surround.

If you are building an extension or just want to incorporate a pool in an indoor space this could be a fantastic option to consider.

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