Swimming pool

Compared to an indoor pool installation an outdoor pool is much simpler a process. The installation is made simpler because there is no construction of a surround to consider.

So how is an outside pool installed?

After an initial meeting with us to decipher the landscape, position and other variables, the pool shape and model can be decided.

When choosing the pool, we can offer a list of desirable shapes and sizes when it comes to choosing a pool, which adds piece of mind when trying to imagine what it is you want to put in an area of your garden.

If you’re having a one piece swimming pool, once the pool shell is inserted, you’ll see a glimpse of what the finished result will look like.

As the shell must be transported in one piece, it will require the use of a crane or even a helicopter in some cases, to lower it into position.

Once it’s in place, the plumbing and wiring work from the pool to the plant room can be completed, and the various equipment including pool filtration units and heaters can be installed.

The final part of the pool installation is the laying of coping stones around the edge of the pool and tiling, paving or decking over the surrounding area.

Outdoor pools can transform a garden and entertain the whole family.

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