Do we pay capital gains tax for converting our barn?

5 April 2019
by Carolyn

We have permitted development rights to convert our storage barn to residential.

Wondered where we stand with Capital Gains Tax when barn is converted?

One Answer

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    I have sent your question about Capital Gains Tax to one of our experts.

    I wanted to flag up the fact that permitted development rights are subject to change soon, in May. And that you engage a planning consultant at least for a one-off consultation regarding this – so that you know where your project stands.

    If work hasn’t started, I suggest you wait until the end of May for clarification to the changes. Otherwise, your project will have to be completed before then.

    Our planning expert Julia Riddle explains the situation here: Time is running out on permitted development rights.

    Best wishes,

    Sofia Delgado, digital assistant editor.

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