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New tool to help release more land

Housing and planning minister Gavin Barwell has announced that councils across England will now be obliged to create and maintain up-to-date registers recording all brownfield sites that could provide space for new housing. “We need to build more homes in this country, so making sure we reuse this land is crucial,” he said.

It’s possible that sites highlighted on the database could help local authorities meet the demand indicated on their Right to Build registers.


new homes built in every UK village over the next five years could help solve the housing crisis, according to a recent report by land brokers Aston Mead Land & Planning.

While large projects by big development companies are often unpopular amongst the residents of rural communities, small scale schemes – including self builds – could provide a less controversial solution. Individually-commissioned dwellings tend to blend more sensitively with the unique requirements of rural settlements.

Graven Hill auction plots snapped up

Seven plots released for sale by the Graven Hill Development Company (GHDC) under a sealed bid auction have been purchased. The sites sold for prices between £270,000 and £354,000. Graven Hill is the UK’s largest self and custom build scheme and is set to accommodate up to 1,900 new homes.

Plots will be released in phases over the next decade. For more information about the project see our interview with GHDC’s interim managing director, Karen Curtin, or head over to the Graven Hill zone at Build It Live Bicester on 10th & 11th June.

NaCSBA task force to help deliver more homes

The National Custom and Self Build Association’s (NaCSBA) Right to Build task force has announced that it will be providing advice and support to Buckinghamshire Advantage in the delivery of its Aylesbury Woodlands housing development.

This scheme is one of the government’s garden towns, and will comprise a brand new neighbourhood of up to 1,100 homes – many of which will be earmarked for people undertaking self and custom build projects.

The task force, which was launched in February this year, is made up of experts who will be able to assist local organisations, including councils, in bringing forward more self build projects. They will also promote this route to home ownership amongst those people who might consider commissioning their own house building schemes.

Image: Martin Gardner. Project by OB Architecture

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