Contemporary home exterior at night

Daisy Cottage was constructed using NUDURA ICF standard 150mm and 250mm core forms with the help of ICF Supplies.

This single storey private residence totals 142m2 incorporating two en suite bedrooms, an open plan kitchen diner, which steps down into an open plan lounge and entertaining entrance hall, alongside a  subterranean garage.

The NUDURA system fulfilled multiple functions during this project, including the provision of continuous external walls from floor to roof, servicing as an engineered retaining wall for the below ground garage and supporting for the timber posijoists to allow the open plan layout throughout.

Pouring continuous concrete was fundamental in achieving excellent air tightness results. The structure provides warmth in the winter months and a cool atmosphere in summer using a minimal amount of energy to achieve and maintain desired temperatures.

Coupled with mechanical ventilation and heat‐recovery, the property is inexpensive to run and easy to maintain.

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