10 Inspiring Staircase Design Ideas

Need inspiration for your home's staircase? Find the perfect stair design to suit your scheme
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21st January 2021

The staircase is a striking architectural feature of a home’s interior, so it’s worth paying close attention to detail at the planning stages of a project.

In most floorplan arrangements, the stairs are one of the first things you’ll see when entering a home – this is a large feature, and one that needs to be planned from the outset of your project.

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Your stairs will have a huge impact on the design of not only your ground floor, but the adjoining levels, too.

Your staircase needs to be part of your interior’s overall planning process, which means it should be worked into your ground floor arrangement from the start of the project.

Consider how family life flows around the house, and where the main approach to the flight will be. If you are planning a modern open-plan interior, then you don’t want a staircase that will jar with the lines too much.

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Whether you’re self building or renovating, you’ll find a wealth of design ideas for your new staircase in our stunning selection.

1. Double Quarter-Turn Staircase

Double quarter-turn staircase in white-painted oak

This staircase in white-painted oak is the work of Neville Johnson. Here, the homeowners maximised the space with a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit that becomes easily accessible thanks to the position of the stairs.

To make the most of the space under the stairs, a modes desk was fitted, creating a nifty home office. The company specialises in timber staircases as well as bespoke built-in storage.

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2. Solid Spiral Staircase

It’s paramount that you plan your staircase design from the get-go. You and your design team will need to envision the impact your staircase will have on each storey.

Spiral staircase by Spiral UK

It’s also key to know how the flight will be seen from different angles – particularly if you are opting for open-plan living, as it needs to fit effortlessly within the home.

This project in Jersey by Spiral UK is fabricated in Corten steel with contrasting natural timber treads for an organic, elegant design.

3. Cantilevered Stairs

Curved cantilevered staircase by Chesney's Architectural

The limestone steps on this cantilevered design by Chesney’s Architectural curve round the corner, leaving the area below clear for furniture.

The dark, thin balusters are topped with a lighter hued handrail, which alongside the pale flight, helps to create a trendy monochrome look.

cantilevered staircases


4. T-Shaped Staircases

T shaped staircase

T-shaped stairs will bring real wow factor to your home. This cantilevered design (no supporting structure underneath) is the perfect match for the minimalist look in this home.

Lights floods through from the upper storey thanks to the glass balustrades.

5. Green Oaked Stairs

Bespoke staircase specialist Bisca was commissioned to create a new feature timber flight for a 400-year-old Devonshire shippon (cow shed).

Rustic green oak bespoke staircase

The brief was for a stair that would immediately look like part of the existing architecture, complementing the building’s humble provenance.

green oak staircase

6. Open-Tread Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases are a great space-saving solution, creating a stylish transition between floors and adding a striking focal point to your home’s interior.

Spiral Staircase by Complete Staircase Company

The Complete Stair Systems range of spiral staircases consists of a stunning variety of custom and kit spiral staircases for both domestic and commercial applications to provide a contemporary or traditional solution.

Complete Stair Systems

7. Dramatic Form

This stunning helical staircase features curved glass balustrades from IQ Glass. The frameless, toughened structural glazing, also present on the landings, offers clear sightlines and maximises the flow of daylight.

Spiral stairs

The glass has a low iron content to reduce the common green tint seen on thick panels. The sculptural flight, with its dark wood treads and handrails offset with white soffits and stringers, is by Spiral UK.

8. Mix and Match

Walnut treads contrast with the white plastered soffit (underside of the flight) in this semi-cantilevered design from Bisca.

Bisca stairs

The soffit has a gentle curve, finishing up to the wall, with a similarly twisted handrail. There is a small gap detail to allow for feature lighting at the side of the treads. Bespoke flights start from £25,000

9. High Tech Stairs

Lit-up stars

Digitally designed and laser cut by the Facit Homes studio as part of a full house build, this staircase appears cantilevered and structurally supported by the wall, but actually rests subtly on the floor. A parametric design means that each component steps in as the stair rises, accentuating the deceptive effect. Downlights on the balustrade add to the illusion

10. Minimalist Design

Black stone stairs

Consisting of a central metal spine supporting solid wooden treads and a glass balustrade, this staircase from Max-Stairs embodies modern simplicity. The chunky steps are sized to reduce the gap between treads to less than 100mm, complying with the UK standard. This bespoke flight is stained in dark oak and similar designs start from £15,000

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