Build It Estimating Service

Get an accurate estimated cost for your self-build project with the Build It Estimating Service
by Build It
8th March 2018

Build It Estimating Service is a tailored service that allows you to take control of your budget by providing you with a thorough report including live material and labour costs. Answer vital questions such as: “What will it cost to build?” and “Is my builder’s quote a fair price?”

Build It Estimating Service, powered by HBXL, enables you to calculate your self-build costs – even down to the last roof tile!

Key features:

  • Fully detailed self-builder friendly estimate report (see an example)
  • Live material costs from leading builder’s merchants
  • Estimated labour costs
  • Make adjustments to suit your budget
  • Full cost breakdown to assist with finance applications
  • Better understand your build route options
  • A tailored, personal service from experienced building specialists

Build It Estimating Service is priced from just £249 for a self-build project – for a guide on costs for an estimate for your project see pricing structure.

If you would like a quick and cost-effective outline of your overall build costs before deciding which route to take then why not request a Benchmark Report?

  • Prices are based on the external area of your proposed development. The area is calculated by adding together the external areas of each floor. For 'Self builds' the area includes each floor of the main house and integral garages. Loft areas should also be included by measuring to the outside of loft walls. For 'Home extensions' the price includes associated works, i.e. immediately adjacent structural openings.
  • If you have plans for your project, please upload them here
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

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