Bronze statement door

This beautiful house by Jane Duncan Architects is a great example of how to feature a metallic liquid copper bronze door in a classic contemporary theme.

The off-white render, beige stone and light grey windows of the build/frontage all blend well to feature and frame the copper detail of the door. What isn’t obvious at first glance is the size of this door, at 1500 x 3000mm, it creates an impressive entrance and draws the eye to the centre of the building.

Our front door is seen here fitted into glazing (by others) with the sidelights matching the rest of the building’s windows in terms of frame thickness, style and frame colour. Our bronze doors are usually specified to come with painted RAL frames and here the client has opted to match the chosen RAL to complementary tones in the bronze copper finish of the door as well as the window frames.

Door specification:
Door design: Parma special
Door structure/opening: e80 hinged doorset
Door material: (wood with) real metallic coating (copper bronze 112)
Door handle: Option 10a black
Door size: 1500mm x 3000mm

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