Urban oak door

This elegant home in the south of England is a fantastic example of modern architecture. Of particular interest is the horizontal wood cladding that has been artfully used to give the appearance of an open look inside, but is in fact more a cleverly constructed porch.

At the entrance way, the deeper brown fumed oak door offsets the lighter timber cladding and is framed in anthracite. Fumed oak in itself is a regal wood with lovely patterns and blonde strips, so pairing it with a painted RAL frame may seem odd.

However, when viewed in the context of the final build, it’s clear to see how this simple detail works to bring together the entire facade by tying in with both the windows and the roof. A unique, soild bronze handle adds the finishing touch.

This project has so many things going for it, but primarily it is a great testament to the benefits of mixing timbers on a frontage to create something of real interest.

Door specification:
Door design: Rondo V
Door structure/opening: e80 hinged doorset
Door material: Fumed oak
Door handle: Bronze handle by request

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