Choosing the Best Suppliers & Partners for Your Self Build Project

Selecting the best suppliers is critical to the success of your project, as you’ll be entrusting these with both your dream home vision and your money. Derek Dawson from Scandia-Hus shares how to choose your self build partners
Scandia Hus
by Scandia-Hus
22nd April 2024

Very few people build a new home without the help from some specialists along the way, and an experienced structural supplier is the perfect company to help make your project a success.

But ensuring that the supplier in question is reliable is a key element. You want to investigate the business: how long has it been operating? Are they well-established and well-known? Consider customer recommendations and ask to see some real-life examples of previous projects to get a feel for the standard of quality and workmanship.

Look for Experience

Employing a company that is tried, tested and trusted by self builders across the UK – with a long history of content clients and successful projects – will allow you to be confident in your choice. A company with extensive experience can pay dividends; the professional knowledge and expertise that a business possesses can offer valuable savings in time and money through sound advice, problem-solving and technical know-how.

For example, companies that are well-practised in the processes of planning consent are able to achieve permissions more easily, understanding what is involved and the likelihood of receiving approval, which avoids disappointment, amended applications and frustrating delays. Practical guidance provides solutions and reassurance, reducing stress levels and increasing the chance of a smooth self build journey.

Scandia-Hus has been building energy-saving, timber frame homes for 50 years and today over 5,000 Scandia homes have been built throughout the UK. Established in 1974, we have a wealth of experience at our disposal and a reputation for combining the benefits of advanced Swedish technology with the best of traditional British architectural style and craftsmanship.

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Scandia-Hus developed the design for this self build home. The company also took it through planning and managed the delivery of the project on site

Project Priorities

Does the supplier align with your goals? For example, if you are planning to create an energy-efficient home to take advantage of lower running costs, then examine whether the company supports this aim. Do they specialise in providing environmentally-friendly products?

A fabric-first approach starts with the structural system; an airtight and highly insulated building, such as that obtained with a timber frame, will minimise the need for heating. Combining the timber frame with triple-glazed windows and high levels of insulation will produce a thermally efficient home that will positively impact your future energy bills.

Since the 1970s, Scandia-Hus has taken a pioneering approach by combining our airtight timber frame structures with thermally efficient triple-glazed windows and near-Arctic levels of insulation. This has proven to keep our customers warm and significantly reduce their home’s energy bills as well as their carbon footprint.

Our thermally-efficient design and exceptional standards of construction have earned us wide acclaim, with our properties known for their high quality and minimal energy consumption.

Cost Certainty

Project budget is one of the biggest concerns for self builders, so it’s important to keep things under control. Look for companies that can offer the right level of cost certainty.

Timber frame construction can do this as the kit, along with the design work, delivery and assembly are charged as a package, so the exact price of your home is known in advance. Being less impacted by inclement weather and unexpected disruptions means subsequent costs are also kept to a minimum.

Derek Dawson, managing director of Scandia-Hus, has worked with the company for over 40 years. His comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience have helped hundreds of self builders achieve their dream homes.

If you would like to meet the expert Scandia-Hus team and see for yourself our exceptional standards of design and construction, visit our Self Build Open Day 50th Celebration on Saturday 18th May at the Scandia-Hus Show Centre in Sussex. For more info, call 01342 838060 or visit Scandia-Hus’ website.

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