Theben Smart Home system

The LUXORliving Smart Home System by Theben.

Ideal for new builds or renovations. LUXORliving is your key to unlocking energy savings while enhancing comfort.

Do you want to build your new, dream property and give it a smarter, more efficient design to suit your own preferences?

From single or multiple-family homes to villas, or studio apartments. As a KNX-based smart home system, LUXORliving provides the perfect basis for your truly simple, flexible and future-proof smart home.

Imagine effortlessly switching and dimming lights, regulating heating, and controlling blinds or curtains, using voice commands, a mobile app or a simple push button.

LUXORliving is wired in exactly the same way as every other KNX installation. The individual facilities, such as lighting, heating, ventilation and blinds, are connected in an intelligent network and are easy to control. Even better, If you want to extend LUXORliving to other rooms or additional annexes at a later time, you can easily achieve this with wireless components. Your LUXORliving KNX smart home system will grow in line with your needs – it’s simple, flexible and future-proof.

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