Theben Smart Home system

The Theben LUXORLiving system Theben LUXORLiving system is a designed as a full-home automation solution, not a collection of interoperable gadgets with multiple different apps.
LUXORliving controls not only your lighting, but also blinds and heating. Lighting control and dimming is flicker-free, regardless of your lamps. The lights can be timed on and off, with delays, or set to come on when it starts to get dark outside.

Heating control is room by room. You can set the exact temperature you want at the exact time you need it, whether you are at home or away. It works with all types of heating systems: wet or dry, radiators or underfloor (UFH), heat pumps or gas boilers. Also, for a heating system to be truly effective it needs to be integrated with the ventilation, humidity monitoring and hot water production.

Blinds and awnings can be operated according to the local weather. The weather station measures light level, wind speed and has a rain sensor.
You can create your own scenes for the home – pre-setting lighting and heating levels. Shading can be controlled dependent upon the exact position of the sun. This prevents overheating in the summer but used to keep your house warm in the winter.
Ventilation can be boosted when humidity or CO levels are high. Integrating the smoke, heat and carbon monoxide sensors can give you remote warnings. And of course the system can be voice controlled via Alexa or Google.

LUXORliving also increases home security thanks to its customisable panic function. This can simulate presence in the home by operating lights and blinds, deterring uninvited guests from entering when you are not there.
With Theben LUXORliving you get far more than lighting control, you get whole house automation for your comfort and peace of mind. One system, one app, simple.

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