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The Beam Central Vacuum completely replaces a portable vacuum cleaner, with nothing to lug around, no noise, smells, or recirculation of dust.

It can be installed in any age or size home with little fuss – the vacuum unit is mounted on a wall in a garage, utility room or under-stairs cupboard and is connected via hidden pipework (a bit like plumbing pipe) towards the hallway and landing ending in a wall socket. Plug in a 9m vacuum hose (which covers a large area) into one of only a few sockets required and vacuum away!

The main benefits include:

  • no heavy kit to lug about – the unit where the dirt is collect, is mounted on a wall remotely away from where you are vacuuming
  • only needs emptying twice a year – the dirt is collected in a 15L bucket
  • more powerful – up to 4 times the suction power of a portable vacuum
  • sustainable – performs for 20+ years and no filters or bags to buy
  • no maintenance – permanent self-cleaning GORE-TEX filter
  • healthy – as there is no ‘forgetting’ to change filters, there is no recirculation of dust, a welcome relief for Asthma and allergy sufferers
  • quiet – you can hear the telephone or doorbell ring and you can vacuum downstairs whilst the kids are asleep
  • energy efficient – uses less electricity than a portable as you can vacuum in less time.

Spilt any rice or cereal recently? What could be simpler than sweeping it away, without having to get the vacuum out or bending down with a dustpan and brush? The VacPan automatic dustpan fits into the plinth of your kitchen units and is activated by touching the switch with your foot and the dirt is whisked away to the vacuum unit. Or what about a pet-grooming brush… the possibilities are endless!

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