Total Home HPV

The HPV Series system is a quiet heat pump located in your home, providing precise space heating through rigid metal ducting to valve terminals in your ceiling. It can provide different supply temperatures on different floor levels and even has a third individually controlled supply duct if you want a bedroom at a cooler temperature, for a more pleasant night’s sleep.

Additional heat can be supplied through the filtered air in each habitable room, via HPV PTC terminals (heated valve elements) so that you can have precise individual room temperature control with unparalleled responsiveness.

When it’s hot, the heat pump can even reverse automatically, to provide cooling and reduce humidity, so that you could feel a 4-5°C temperature difference.

The HPV Series also provides heat recovery ventilation, exchanging stale inside air, for fresh filtered air without losing heat. This results in all the air in your home being changed every couple of hours, without traffic noise, pollutants, pollen etc ever entering your house, which is useful if you’re a light sleeper or have allergies. You no longer lose heat unnecessarily and you don’t have to repeatedly pay to heat your home, like you would with other ventilation options.

The HPW 300 is a 300L cylinder with integrated heat pump to provide all your domestic hot water requirements. It has a secondary coil to provide heating for up to 20m² of wet underfloor heating in bathrooms if required.

This heating and ventilating system can be over 1,200% efficient in comparison to a gas boiler at only 90% efficiency. Isn’t it time to open your mind to a different way of heating?

A finalist in the 2018 Build It Awards, the HPV Series is installed in Plot 10 of the recent series of Grand Designs: The Street.

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