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In an airtight and well insulated home, you need fresh filtered air, (whilst recovering heat) to have a healthy indoor environment. The HPV Series ventilates your home via hidden metal ducting and ceiling terminals, exchanging the stale air in it, for fresh filtered air.

The HPV system uniquely, also has a quiet heat pump integral to the unit located in your home. This provides responsive, energy efficient space heating, utilising the ventilation ducting. There are two supply zones and a third supply duct that comes off the unit before the heat pump, so you can benefit from a cooler master bedroom. If more heat is required in a supply room, additional heat is either supplied through the filtered air via HPV terminals with heated valve elements, or radiant heating panels can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and controlled by the HPV unit. You can then have convenient, responsive individual room temperature control.

In summer, the heat pump will reverse as required, to provide cooling and reduce humidity, so that you could feel a room temperature reduction of 4-5°C and have a good night’s sleep!

To complete your home environment, the HPW 300 air-to-water heat pump provides energy efficient hot water.  It can heat about 1,000L of water per day stored in its integral 300L water cylinder. It has a secondary coil to provide heating for up to 20m² of wet underfloor heating in a WC or bathroom if required.

This Passivhaus certified heating and ventilating system can be over 600% efficient in comparison to a gas boiler at only 90% efficiency!

A finalist in the 2018 Build It Awards, the HPV Series was installed in Plot 10 of the 2019 series of Grand Designs: The Street and is installed in Build It’s Education House at Graven Hill, Bicester.

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