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Here’s a taster of what’s inside:

Designing a home renovation and extension

Home Renovation Design Guide

Find out how to go about finalising your ideas and drawing up the plans that will transform your existing house into your dream home (Photo: Salt Productions)

Build It House first fix work

Build It House: Getting First Fix Done

A lot goes into the first fix instracture of a home before the walls can be plastered. Find out what we've specified for the Build It Education House - and what we've learned during this phase of our real-life self build

A sensitive barn conversion

Barn Conversions: Spotting the Opportunities

From tracking down the ideal structure to convert through to the key design opportunities, here's what you need to know to succesfully renovate an old agriculatural building

windows - repair or replace?

Heritage Windows: Repair or Replace?

Windows form a key part of your home's character - but what should you do if they're not in top condition? Here's how to know whether to repair or replace your windows

A baufritz timber frame house

What's New in Timber Frame?

Find out about the latest innovations and techniques that are helping to make this quick and efficient structural system even more attractive than ever to self builders

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