Should I Change Existing Plans for New Outbuilding in Listed Curtilage?

18 February 2019
by Janine Sheeran

We have planning permission granted for a double garage and workshop as part of the conversion of three derelict barns.

As we are now in the third year of the waiting game, we felt we could at least progress the garage but would like to add a washroom as opposed to the workshop at the back of the garage.

The original plans only stipulate a clad structure, but we would like to build a dwarf stone wall and maintain cladding in keeping with the other three barns.

Do we now have to wait and resubmit plans for this project or is the new build garage exempt?

2 Answers

  1. Mike Dade says:

    Changing the external appearance and part of the use of a permitted building would require an amendment to be made to the existing permission.

    On the face of it the changes you propose don’t sound contentious, so there’s no apparent reason why they would be resisted.

    Mike Dade, Build It expert.

  2. Janine Sheeran says:

    Thanks Mike

    It’s more of a question regarding the feasibility of block build versus timber frame – i.e. could we technically build on top of the existing stone wall which is approx half a meter high and wide?

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