How much will my project cost?

2 August 2017
by Chris


I am interested in building a house in UK (looking for land right now). So I thought i need to start investigating prices and options.
So I would need to take mortgage for this project so need to know how much should i ask.
I want to build 100 squere meter bungalow house in East Anglia (Cambridgeshire).
I have no building experience so will have to hire most people (maximum i can do is paint the walls and put laminated floor/carpets in house)
So I am interested to find out how much it may cost me to build a house from bricks or blocks with all the project, planning permissions, water,electricity installations ,doors, windows, roof, insulation, bathroom and kitchen. Do you do projects like that? Maybe you have pricing? also when you respond please tell me with VAT and with out it.
Also what else do i need to know? What extra costs i will have once I move in? As i am trying to make calculations so want to make sure I don’t run out of money before I finish all. Do you have maybe examples and some quotes?

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