One of the advantages of building your own home is the ability to reclaim VAT on the building materials you have purchased. As long as you have built the property with the intention of living in it as your main residence or holiday home then you are likely to be eligible for a VAT refund from HMRC.

We offer clients a complete reclaim service from start to finish. Once we receive your invoices and planning permission we take over and complete all the necessary processes to recover the VAT on your behalf.

Our services include:

+ Sorting all invoices into eligible and non-eligible items.

+ Notifying you if an invoice is incomplete and requires additional information or has been incorrectly charged, and help rectify any issues.

+ Keeping you up to date with your reclaim value, and emailing a spreadsheet breakdown of all invoices during your build and also before submitting your application for approval.

+ Completion of all paperwork required for your application

+ Checking all invoices and required documentation is correct before submitting your application to HMRC

+ Backup of all invoices before sending to HMRC

+ Delivery of all paperwork to HMRC by secure delivery

+ Liaise with HMRC throughout your application and answer any queries raised

Why Choose Us?

Specialised Service

We specialise solely in ​self build Reclaims. We do not undertake any other VAT work.

Fixed Fee Of £395

We pride ourselves on our fixed fee policy, irrespective of build size, number of invoices or the value of VAT reclaimed.

Hassle Free

We take all the hassle out of reclaiming the VAT that is due to you.

Friendly & Helpful

A professional service to help maximise the total VAT you can reclaim.

Direct Refund

100% of your eligible VAT refund will be paid directly into your bank account by HMRC.

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