Tech vantage insulation

TechVantage E from Frame Technologies is a 140mm panel containing 100mm Rigid Poly Urethane Insulation, and available in a range of depths to meet U-Value requirements.

The panel has a 9mm OSB outer sheathing and either a vapour control layer or 20/25mm layer of insulation inside the panel, with an intelligent membrane and taped joints.

Plasterboard can be screwed through the extra insulation or vapour control layer, and there is a service zone gap between the insulation layers. Extra insulation is available on a supply only basis

The insulation used in this system offers the highest lambda value possible for the thinnest walls, and the highest U-value in the market. With its intelligent airtight membrane, the system has leads to U-Values from 0.10 to 0.23 W/m2K. This system also allows for complete flexibility in the cladding and finishes that can be used.


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