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Frame Technologies’ TechVantage S delivers high-performing, breathable walls using natural insulation for a freely breathable wall solution. Known for breathing new life into pre-existing structures, it’s also a popular timber frame system for barn conversions, pre-existing structures, and extensions.

TechVantage S is a super-insulated closed panel system.  The system consists of a 130mm panel with the natural breathable insulation of your choice packed between the sheathing board and wood fibre board, with a choice of breathable membranes. A service batten is fitted to the OSB on the inside of the panel. Delivering impressive in critical areas, including intermediate floor to external wall areas, this system achieves U-values from 0.24-0.10 W/ m²K

TechVantage S provided the perfect system for converting Leadon Dale into the cosy new home it is today. Integrating architectural drawings and client requests, the system incorporated the original steel framework as required by Permitted Development Part Q. Overall, this build secured U-values of 0.14. The system also achieved an energy rating of B for the timber frame property, Ashfield Cottage, meeting the homeowner’s mortgage requirements. The home’s TechVantage S system enabled Frame Technologies to use thermal-enhancing techniques to bring the project up to the required standard.

The system can be paired with a variety of claddings, from traditional masonry to lightweight cladding.


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