Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

Looking for garden decking ideas? With a clever layout and attention to detail, you can turn your outdoor space into a sociable, functional and cosy zone that can be used all year round. Find here a collection of smart decking solutions that’ll bring character to your home’s garden area
by Sander Tel
8th May 2024

Gathering garden decking ideas is an important step in creating a functional, comfortable and well-designed outdoor scheme. Perhaps you have a large garden to play with and have the freedom to create an expansive seating area with outdoor sofas, or you might be trying to squeeze the space out of a small urban terraced garden. Either way, a carefully-considered garden decking solution will ensure you can maximise the space you have on offer and enjoy your outdoor zone all-year-round.

When it comes to the decking material itself, whether you’re upgrading your garden as a part of a summer project, or completing your self build’s landscaping design, most modern solutions will be durable, easy to look after and can be specified in a whole range of colours, designs and textures to suit your preferences. From charming timber to non-slip composite decking, or even porcelain tiles – the decking ideas and options are aplenty.

Modern garden decking solutions also tend to be fairly easy to install at home – without needing to call in a specialist. Many feature clip fixings for an easy DIY job. You can usually install your garden decking under permitted development rights, but you’ll need to submit an application if your plans involve building a deck that’s over 30m above ground level. Any garden decking plans that’ll likely cover more than 50% of your garden will require planning permission, too.

From oak pergola-shaded terraces to sociable outdoor zones with charming stoves, take a look at this collection of modern decking ideas to inspire your garden upgrade.

Make the Most of a Sloped Plot with a Garden Deck

If your home is positioned on a sloped plot, then digging away and introducing a stepped garden deck can be a great way to maximise space and create a dedicated area for relaxing and enjoying the garden.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

Photo: Richard Downer

Mark Camillin and Liam Denny’s listed home sits on an award plot, with the rear of the house bedding into a sloped hillside. As part of their extensive renovation project, they sought to maximise the property’s connection to the garden from multiple angles, so introduced a charming stepped garden deck that can be accessed via heritage-style glazed doors from both the living and kitchen area.

Fit an Outdoor Stove for a Cosy & Sociable Garden Space

Think about bringing the indoors outside when gathering decking ideas. With a good design, you can turn your garden into an extension of your home. This can be achieved with features such as an outdoor stove – perfect for cosying up in the evening or even cooking on.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

Photo: Becky Craven

Team a comfortable set of outdoor furniture with an outdoor stove to create a garden deck that can be enjoyed throughout the whole day and into the evening – helping you to keep warm while providing soft, ambient light. Shown is Arada’s Outdoor Heater (prices start at £799), which comes with optional extras such as side shelves to hold drinks.

Add Garden Furniture for the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Don’t forget to make a note of the different styles of garden furniture you like when scoping out the various decking ideas. Rattan sofas and armchairs can help to bring the indoor living experience outside, turning your garden deck into an extension of your home. Benches are great for entertaining large groups of people, too.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

Photo: Bridgman

Comfy, practical and well-suited to a variety of different garden styles and setups, this charming outdoor furniture set from Bridgman comprises their Cannes two-seater sofa, two armchairs, a coffee table and side table – all for £4,099.

Make a Statement with Your Garden Decking

B&Q’s GoodHome Lempa Brown clippable garden decking tiles feature an appealing basketweave pattern that’s perfect for making a subtle statement in your garden.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

The durable acacia wood has a natural golden hue and is resistant to moisture, fungi and insects, but you should apply a protective covering to help it last.

Specify Wood-Effect Garden Decking

Wood-effect porcelain garden decking is a great choice for high-traffic outdoor areas. These versatile, grey-toned garden tiles from Porcelain Superstore feature a classic wood pattern and will last without warping or fading.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

They can be laid over gravel, concrete or sand and feature a slip-safe surface.

Create a Seamless Transition with Your Exterior Cladding & Garden Decking

When collecting your decking ideas, think about how you can incorporate the outdoor feature into your home’s architecture.

On the hunt for a bigger house for their growing family, Kate and Sandy Crerar fell in love with the beautiful views on a rural plot in Aberdeenshire, which lead them to take on a self build project and create their dream home.

Wow-Factor Family Self Build in Rural Aberdeenshire

Photo: David Barbour

The barn-style home has a Siberian larch-clad exterior, which blends seamlessly with the garden decking. In the summer, the deck makes the perfect spot to relax and take in the rural setting. The home features a striking combination of horizontally and vertically-laid timber cladding, which makes for an eye-catching exterior

Create a Modern Patio Design

Trekker’s Grooved composite garden decking has a slim profile and is easy to install across a range of applications using clip fixings.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

The cool-toned planks are ideal for creating a practical, durable and contemporary outdoor area, with the grooved texture helping to prevent a slippy surface.

Opt for a Durable Garden Decking Solution

James Latham Ltd supplied the uncoated Accoya wood garden decking for this landscaping project.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

Accoya is manufactured from sustainably-sourced softwood and is chemically modified to ensure it can withstand rotting, shrinkage and water damage without sealing. Prices for Accoya decking start from £85 per m² + VAT.

Create a Shaded Garden Deck to Prevent Overheating

Self building a home with large spans of glazing requires you to incorporate solar shading features such as pergolas or brise soleils to mitigate excess solar gain in the height of summer. These can be turned into spectacular design features that turn into an extension of your home’s architecture.

Suzanne and Steve Richardson teamed up with Cocoon Architects and Frame Technologies to create an outstanding and low-energy timber frame home nestled into the Suffolk countryside. The highly-efficient home features a set of sliding glazed doors, creating a seamless connection with the outdoor garden terrace. An oak pergola, erected by Suzanne and Steve themselves, wraps around the glazed features, helping to reduce the direct sunlight entering the home.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

Photo: Matthew Smith

“In the summer that the couple didn’t have the pergola, they experienced just how hot the house could be without adequate shading,” says Matt Plummer of Cocoon Architects. As well as serving this practical purpose, the oak slats overhead cast an interesting play of shadow onto the outdoor seating area below, forming one of the home’s key design talking points.

Specify Strong & Versatile Outdoor Decking

Dura Composites’ Dura Deck Inspire range pairs the charming look of timber with a water-resistant porcelain surface.

Garden Decking Ideas: Modern Patio & Decking Inspiration for Your Project

These stylish planks have a 60-year life expectancy, an A1 fire rating and can withstand extremely heavy loads without losing their shape.

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