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The loft bulb is an extremely bright adjustable LED bulb designed to illuminate even the largest loft.

The 4000 Lumens of light the Loft Bulb emits is equivalent to eight old 40W incandescent bulbs. For homes with mains electricity in the loft the Loft Bulb is an ideal solution for making the space feel brighter, safer and more inviting.

The Loft Bulb includes three adjustable LED panels. Each panel can be adjusted up to 90 degrees to direct the light all around the loft, even into the corners that need the most light.

The Loft Bulb simply fits into an existing B22 bayonet bulb fitting just like a normal bulb and is so bright it will instantly transform a loft into a bright and inviting storage area for occasional use items such as suitcases, Christmas decorations and old books.

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