Loft Lid

The Loft Lid is a fire retardant downlight cover for use in the loft.

The Loft Lid provides a safe, energy efficient method of installing downlights (LEDs and up to 50W halogen) in a ceiling where loft insulation is present.

Current building regulations specify that mineral wool loft insulation should remain continuous.  Most downlights therefore require a cover to provide protection from the insulation.

A Loft Lid provides a safe, simple, easy fit and cost effective solution.

A correctly fitted Loft Lid will maintain the air-tightness of the ceiling, assisting with air permeability tests, eliminating heat loss into the loft space, as well as creating an effective dust, acoustic and pest/insect seal.

The Loft Lid is manufactured in the UK to ISO9001 standards and has been extensively tested by the UK Lighting Industry Association.

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