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The Cowshed, a property constructed by Ruth and Mark Segal in 2016 incorporates energy efficient elements throughout. A central oil fire system has been replaced with a NIBE F1145-8kw ground source heat pump (GSHP). The heating system delivers ambient temperatures using minimal power and is connected to an underfloor heating network. A NIBE VPB-300 litre cylinder and a NIBE UKV-200 litre buffer tank ensure hot water readily available.


“This dream installation showcases the truest elements of sustainability in new build homes,” commented Nev Galvin General Manager A Greener Alternative, a NIBE VIP Installer. “It is very eco-friendly. As we were involved at the architectural stage, we ensured we delivered a system that was tidy, concealed wherever possible and efficient.”


Renewable Heat Incentive payments have been configured with payments due of approximately £620 each quarter for seven years. Ambient temperatures are maintained whatever the external weather conditions. Those who have visited the property as part of the Lewes Eco Open House weekend have been inspired by NIBE equipment and quality of the installation.


Mark Segal owner of The Cowshed commented; “We are utterly delighted with our new home and the GSHP system which provides our heating and hot water. We were never fans of the oil fired system at our previous home and when we began to design this self-build project, we knew we wanted to make it as sustainable as possible, future proofing it for generations.

I believe all new build homes should have a building regulation obligation to incorporate renewable energy systems. It’s our responsibility to promote the availability of these technologically advanced ways of heating our homes. I highly recommend NIBE technology and A Greener Alternative for installations in the Sussex area.”

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