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This unique home was completed in 1967 to a remarkably high standard for the time – cutting-edge double glazing (only introduced to the UK two years previously) made it one of the first properties to feature double-glazed windows in the country. The client even possessed correspondence discussing the installation of heating under the driveway.

Despite some impressive features, though, the house lacked both central heating and proper insulation. This made it an energy-hungry building and, by 2018, it was in need of a major rehaul.

A three-year refurb journey followed: a ground source heat pump which also provides heating for the house was installed. Solar photovoltaics were added to the roof, and the whole house was insulated, its airtightness dramatically improved and the best triple-glazed composite windows installed.

The house now complies with EnerPHit standards of energy efficiency and boasts an almost entirely off-grid energy system, all while preserving the style and legacy of the iconic original home.

The palette stayed as close to the original choices of brick, timber, stone and copper as possible. The window frames are a muted RAL7021 black-grey externally and mostly a warm wooden finish internally. Details were kept as close to the original as was achievable

Norrsken P31A triple-glazed windows and lift-and-slide-doors were used extensively throughout the property to maximise natural light and views of the stunning surrounding area while complementing the eye-catching copper cladding and stone finishes.

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