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The Vision Trimline range has been designed with the specific purpose of recreating that instinctive connectivity with nature. Our innovative fires are skilfully engineered to allow a true trimless aspects with no distracting frames or visible workings, just fire. These highly efficient beautifully designed appliances are available in a variety of different sizes and can be positioned in virtually any part of your home.

TRIMLESS – Our Trimless fires are designed to be positioned beautifully into integrated walls or retrofitted into existing chimneys. These highly efficient innovative gas fires are skilfully engineered allowing a truly trimless aspect. This means no distracting frames or visible mechanical workings – just fire. With a choice of either landscape or portrait options there is an option to suit all interiors.

TUNNELS – Tunnel gas fires are two sided appliances allowing you to enjoy the beautiful flames and warmth from two rooms at once! Perfect for a modern open plan home or can be used to make a beautiful room divider. Choose from three different size options in both gas and LPG.

ROOM DIVIDER & CORNER – If you are looking for something a little different look no further than the TL38 /TL83 corners or the TL73 Room Divider. The corner fires are highly efficient fire allowing you to view the beautiful flames from different angles. It is available either left-sided or right-sided while the stylish TL73 Room Divider is a unique three sided fire ideal for splitting up a space that allows the flames to be enjoyed from all sides of the room.

PANORAMIC – These stunning fires make an amazing centrepiece in any home. The three side fires allow a totally unrestricted view of the fire from all sides of the room at the touch of a button. Choose from four different size options in both gas and LPG.

PERFECTLY FRAMED – Vision Trimline fires offer a sense of true minimalist beauty. However, if your home style dictates, there can sometimes be a requirement for a little more flare – even extravagance! To address this, we have created a range of frames and fireplaces that have a certain synergy with our fires. Sharing the same design ethos and manufactured to the same high standards, we have crafted a range that includes a variety of materials with a wonderful, natural beauty.

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