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Cutting edge technology and innovation to provide instant heat, realistic flames, and adaptive ambient lighting to your living space.

The Solus range is the outstanding result of extensive research and development, meticulous attention to detail, and the highest standard of quality. With a host of unique and innovative features, these appliances are unrivalled in their class.

The Solus collection provides a complete range of options to create the ultimate fireplace which will transform your home, adding a touch of luxury that is perfectly tailored to reflect your own unique style.

Whether you are planning on creating the ultimate social hub, or simply increasing the wow-factor of your living room, make every detail matter with a Solus appliance from Vision Fires.

Our approach is to create beautiful, inspiring appliances that change the perception of a traditional electric fire. With a Solus fire, you are in control of every aspect of your appliance, from the speed, colour and brightness of the entrancing flames to the enchanting crackling sounds of burning logs, or the complementing ambient lighting of your extended living space.

Our unique TriLight technology provides multi angled, fully customisable dynamic LED lighting to create thousands of unique colour and tonal combinations to the flames and fuel bed. Each can work in harmony with one another or can work independently to create a unique combination to create a truly unique atmosphere, all at the touch of a button.

Part of the Solus design ethos is to ensure that all appliances offer clear and simple controllability. Whilst functionality may have advanced and become more dynamic, we believe that intuitive interaction is paramount.

Innovation, flair and creativity is the driving force behind Solus product development. Our design team is passionate about bringing new and exciting ideas to life by pushing the boundaries of traditional electric appliances with the amalgamation of exquisite styling and cutting-edge technologies.

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