Schiedel Sirius

Gas prices are unstable, so it’s essential to have an alternative energy source in your house-build project.

This is why Schiedel Chimney Systems have devised unique combined stove and chimney packages designed for self-build and retrofit projects.

The stoves not only look fantastic with their contemporary style but boast Defra exemption for use in smoke control areas, A+ ratings and clearSkies Level 5 badges. These certifications make these stoves and chimney systems some of the most efficient on the market and future-proof.

The systems come in complete packages, which means the stove and the chimney are combined, so no additional components are needed.

In addition, the freestanding system boasts a triple-layer airtight chimney. So, no external ventilation is required for the stove, as the air reaches the stove through one of the chimney layers.

Energy-efficient stoves can reduce the need for central heating and reliance on gas and electricity—a great advantage when installing these systems.

Please don’t hesitate to send in any drawings or plans, and we can advise.

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