Modern living area with stove

With gas prices increasing, adding a wood-burning stove as an alternative energy source in your house build project is becoming an increasingly important consideration.

A safe way to achieve this is to use a combined volcanic pumice stove and chimney system from Schiedel. This unique combined package means no additional products or components are needed to form a safe chimney in a house-build project.

The simple building blocks are formed from volcanic lava from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland and then processed into natural pumice blocks.

This process means these building blocks are fully insulated, lightweight and naturally sourced. These form the ready-made chimney with no need for additional steel piping.

The stunning insert-style stove fits perfectly into this volcanic pumice frame and boasts zero distance to combustibles. The stove is a clearSkies Level 5 rated contemporary style with Defra exemption for use in smoke control areas and an A+ rating.

The chimney blocks are designed to last a lifetime, making these stoves and chimney systems highly efficient.

Energy-efficient stoves can reduce the need for central heating and reliance on gas and electricity—a great advantage when installing these systems.

Packages start from £3,684 (ex VAT and delivery) but note that this includes the Defra Exempt Stove and the volcanic pumice blocks to form the chimney.

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