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Whether your Self-Build project is a new build, extension, renovation or conversion, our 10-Year Structural Warranty Policy is the best way to protect what may be your largest asset or investment. With more and more lenders looking to protect themselves, you need to think about not only making sure you protect yourself but also any prospective buyer, should you want to sell in the future.

You can have peace of mind that your project is covered by a 10-Year Structural Warranty and most importantly by an A-rated insurer.

A claim might not materialise for some years to come. So, while an insurer may look OK on day one, they need to have enough financial strength to survive the full 10-Year term of the policy. Great caution is therefore needed to look at any underwriter of a new build warranty.

Building Control Options

For a typical project, there are two options available:- 1. ‘with building control’ or 2 ‘without building control’

With Building Control

Many people are unaware that you do not need to use your local authority building control body to obtain building regulation approval or carry out building control inspections.  We can arrange this for you through an independent network of ‘partnered’ approved inspectors.

Without Building Control

If you have already made your building regulation application to the local authority, then you will need to request a warranty ‘without building control’.  We then arrange for a suitable schedule of technical audits to be carried out during the project’s duration alongside the local authority building control inspector.

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