Contemporary extension to bungalow with sunflex glazed doors

The owners of a bungalow on the River Thames have completely remodelled the structure into to a large three-storey home. The project makes the most of the surrounding views thanks to five large sets of SVG30 sliding doors.

David and Victoria Austin were seeking a way of expanding their living space as their children grew up. They had extended the kitchen and added a conservatory, but the initial plan for the extension was to convert the loft to add the extra bedrooms they needed.

When the plans were drawn up for the loft conversion they failed to gain planning permission, so the couple approached Concept Eight Architects to review the drawings. With the bungalow being the last remaining single storey property on the riverbank the revised plan, with the backing of the planning authorities, was to build upwards to add additional storeys to the house.

With so much renovation and remodelling to be done on the structure the family took the ingenious step of decamping to a canal boat moored on the river at the foot of the garden for nearly 18 months which put them in the perfect spot to watch the build develop.

The finished result is a stunning 6-bedroom home spread out over three levels. The layout of the bungalow has been maintained in part at ground-floor level, but in order to fill the finished rooms at all levels full of light and to maximise the views over the river five sets of SUNFLEX UK SVG30 aluminium sliding doors with narrow 30mm sightlines were included, 3 on the ground floor and two on the first floor.

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