New Wall Panelling Kit make home transformations simple!! MDF wall panelling kit comes with everything needed to create a high quality Period ‘tongue-and-groove’ style finish in any room.

MDF Wall Panelling Kit Supplied in 2 Boxes. 1 Box Contains – 1 Skirting (18mm x 119mm x2.440mtr) & 1 Dado Rail (30mm x 35mm x 2.440mtr) 2 Box Contains – 8 Panels – 9mm x 294mm x 950mm

FIXING THE SKIRTING Instant grip adhesive works well for fixing the skirting to the wall, although nails/pins or screws can also be used if necessary. Corner mitres and scribes should be cut before fixing. Fix the skirting to the wall, ensuring it is level. FITTING THE PANELS Wall panels are pre-cut to 950mm. Decide on the finished height with the Dado Rail on top and allow for the rebate on the skirting. Cut the panel down to size if necessary. Before fixing, slot the panels into the rebate lip of the skirting and ensure tops of the panels are level. Remove the panel and apply adhesive on the rear to fix the panels to the wall, and fit the bottom of the panel into the rebate on the skirting. Again, ensure the top of the panels are level. Cut the last panel to fit. Allow the panels to meet at internal and external corners.

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