Timber roof being built

From our existing relationship with forward-thinking Lynn Palmer Architects in Thame this opportunity arose as a SIPs requirement for complete remodelling of a barn with all the usual challenges associated with re-purposing of existing agricultural structures.

Our clients were embarking upon their very own ‘Grand Design’ at a time when they had just learned they were to have their first baby! So, speed of build was of the essence for this new family home.

Lynn Palmer Architects consulted Timber Innovations about how best to integrate the existing concrete portal frames as an aesthetic feature for this impressive new house design.  A combination of SIPS, internal timber frame loadbearing walls and steel/glulam roof elements were introduced to allow the concrete portals to remain as a throw-back to the building’s origins but not be required structurally as they were already in poor condition.

Lynn Palmer Architects developed a CGI “walk-through “of the design with our input so as to make it easier for the clients to visualise what their new-build will look like.  This also meant that they were able to make design changes to room sizes and positions that otherwise would have been difficult /costly at a later date.

Our 142mm SIPs structure forms the perimeter ‘wrap’, with roof 172mm SIPs spanning approximately 3.5m with glulam and steel trimmers around the rooflights.

Our ‘one-stop-shop’ approach includes the structural steels in the mezzanine areas with a bridge between them across the full-height cross-bay that links full glazing at opposing sides of the house.

Completion of the building was within 2 weeks of the ‘lockdown’ lifting, having started on site just ahead of this disruptive event. Total installation on-site was only 6 weeks.

We eagerly await Annie’s topping-out event so we can see their amazing new family home – and of course to celebrate the new addition to their family!

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