Contemporary home clad in jointed british sweet chestnut

Vastern Timber’s sweet chestnut cladding makes a spectacular statement whilst offering great value-for-money. It is available in machined or sawn profiles to suit both contemporary and traditional schemes – offering a unique and hardwearing finish.

Sweet chestnut is a stable timber, so it resists movement, distortion and splitting. Its golden hue is similar to oak, but the stronger grain and occasional dark brown mineral streaks add a distinctive character. If left untreated, it will weather to a pleasant silver colour over time.

This is a functional, attractive and – thanks to its UK provenance – environmentally sensitive choice for self builders and renovators.

The sawn feather-edge cladding is available in lengths between 1.8m and 3m, with a range of edge thickness up to 23mm. It comes in depths of 150mm, 175mm and 200mm.

The machined product comes in depths from 70mm to 145mm and lengths of up to 4m. It’s available in shiplap, halflap, splayed, or vertical tongue-and-groove profiles.

The finger-jointed boards are created by mechanically bonding a number of shorter lengths together under pressure, using moisture resistant glue. This process improves the product’s performance and sustainable credentials, as the yield from each tree is increased and waste from sawmills reduced.

Furthermore, finger-jointed boards tend to be longer, less prone to distortion and of a more consistent quality than standard options.

This sweet chestnut cladding offers self builders, architects and other specifiers the opportunity to use a sustainable product that’s not only good for the environment, but also supports the British forestry and timber industries.

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