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Prefabricated flat pack homes, factory built to your requirements for speed and cost effectiveness. With a large range of timber frame systems offered to the UK market with all having varying levels of service, by far, the most popular in recent years has been the ‘flat pack’ home design.

With all structural components manufactured off-site in a controlled factory environment, this not only saves on the overall build time, but the cost as well. For many self-builders looking to create their dream home to their exact requirements, Vision’s prefabricated flat pack homes lend themselves well with versatility of design and several finishing options.

Many suppliers will offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ flat pack home with little flexibility, but Vision will work with self-builders throughout the complete process offering advise with regards to design and ensuring costs are kept within budget.

Our own kit house designs on our website can be customised to your needs and plot specifications. As well as the structural timber frame elements, we can offer additional building services at competitive prices to assist self-builders who may be first timers and need that extra helping hand. With our wealth of expertise in all things construction, self-builders can be safe in the knowledge that Vision can be their go-to for all construction related queries.

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