Tim and Ali Lovett have a passion for house projects and bought this 1960s detached property with the goal to build an oak frame extension on the front. ‘We wanted to give this unloved house the wow factor, which is why the oak concept was so important,’ Tim explains. ‘We imagined admiring the beauty of an impressive structure from the outside and sitting in a relaxed space that felt like part of the garden. The end result is stunning – the design is exactly what we hoped for.’

They soon began thinking about a design. ‘We ended-up going to Welsh Oak’s open day where we got to see one of their projects and thought the installation of the glass looked beautiful,’ says Tim. ‘The way they worked the glazing into the oak frame was seamless, which was ideal for us as we wanted floor to ceiling glass on the ground floor without anything interrupting our eyeline. The quality of their work was sublime.’ says Tim. ‘They understood straightaway that we wanted a beautiful structure to enhance and add character to our modern home but not be overbearing,’ says Tim.

The couple worked as self-builders in the truest sense, only bringing in Welsh Oak Frame and the bricklayers.

Now finished, the couple have a large, glazed living room and a huge master bedroom with a dressing room and ensuite. The second floor is L-shaped with a surprising amount of headspace and has multi-purpose uses as a guest bedroom, kids’ den and mini cinema. ‘We’ve got the A-frame up here and because it’s so high we have a chair in the window with views over the Salisbury Plain,’ says Tim. ‘The three-storey extension has turned what would have been a roof void into a relaxing and beautiful room.’

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