After struggling to find a new home with more light and space for their three teenage children, a unique opportunity presented itself to the Truscott’s. They didn’t want to leave the village where they lived and they were given the opportunity to purchase a 1.5 acre plot with their friends in the village.

‘It was a hugely optimistic project as there was no planning permission and a string of failed applications stretching back over forty years – but we thought we’d give it a go!’ says Dawn.

The two couples came to an agreement with the landowner. They would have first refusal to buy the plot for an agreed price, within three months of getting planning permission.

Dawn and Kevin were keen to have a style that was in keeping with their village, ‘We didn’t want our new house to look old, but look authentic, like it had always been there’. They felt that building an oak fame home would fit in with the village. The couple researched a lot of different oak frame companies before settling on Welsh Oak Frame.

The couple adapted one of Welsh Oak Frame’s previous designs, a barn style oak frame that would offer the space and light that the family needed.

Once planning permission was approved the Truscott’s got in contact with Welsh Oak Frame to get their oak frame dream started. ‘‘It was a real “heart” experience – everyone we met felt very real and very honest said Dawn.

The entire build took roughly 10 months with Dawn taking time out from her career to project manage the build. ‘We get a real pleasure from admiring the craftmanship and wanted to capture the essence of the frame’s character without detracting with too much oak in the floors, kitchen and joinery,’ says Dawn. ‘The project was a very emotional experience and we’re super pleased. Welsh Oak were so supportive from start to finish.’

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