Zakuna Stairs

Zakuna staircases exude quality, beauty and perfection. They are stunning, crafted masterpieces. Each component is engineered with unparalleled precision.

We are experts in staircase design. We work closely with customers, interior designers, architects and contractors to provide a personal service. This includes consultation to determine the design, configuration and specification. We make the entire process as simple as possible, offering solutions to challenges presented by complex design issues, building regulations and installation systems.

Our stunning range of styles include cantilever, zig-zag, spiral, helical, single string, double string, floating, glass, fire escapes and custom.

Our Award Winning Contender staircase is by far the most popular metal staircase. This stair can be configured with kites and winders and the treads are fixed on top of the central string rather than being recessed. As standard, the treads are made of either Oak or Ash, both of which are hardwoods, chosen for their strength and durability. We also offer other timbers such as Walnut or Mahogany or alternatively the wood can be stained or painted to any colour of your choice.

For a contemporary feel, the handrail and balustrade can be frameless glass, fixed to the end grain of the treads with either a stainless steel or metal handrail fixed to the top. Another popular choice is vertical metal spindles with a timber handrail.

With our endless design possibilities we can also offer colour cohesion of staircase treads to match the interior design scheme.

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