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Chris Bates, Editor of Build It magazine
by Chris Bates
17th November 2014

Sheffield City Council is running a Custom Build Information Day to help enable more self-build in the area.

The council is one of 11 Right to Build vanguards appointed by the government.

The Right to Build vanguards will be pioneering the government’s plan to make custom build more accessible by establishing and maintaining a register of people interested in building their own homes.

Through their efforts and the concurrent Right to Build consultation, many more people will have the opportunity to purchase land that’s been specifically identified for self-build projects.

Sheffield City Council is already moving forward with its Custom Build Register, inviting expressions of interest through an online questionnaire. It has also launched an information day aimed at helping you to self-build in the area.

Learn how to custom build

Sheffield City Council’s Custom Build Information Day, organised in association with BuildStore and supported by Build It magazine, will be held on Saturday 22nd November 2014 at Sheffield Town Hall.

This event is the perfect opportunity for those in the Sheffield area to learn more about building their own home, either individually or as part of a group initiative.

Custom Build Day

Date: Saturday 22nd Nov 2014

Venue: Sheffield Town Hall Reception Rooms

Time: 12:00 to 16:00

Refreshments will be available during the event and children are welcome

The day includes an exhibition area, where you can browse stands, meet local groups and chat with developers, architects and other experts.

A seminar introducing custom build and how it works, along with the council’s plans for projects in Sheffield, will take place from 13:00 to 14:30.

In the afternoon, four short seminars will look in more detail at the various routes to custom build and show you some case studies.

Build It magazine’s expert, Mike Hardwick, will be in attendance to share his experience and help you to discover the right way to take your custom build project forward.

The council has identified a number of suitable custom build sites. It is also keen to help enable custom build on local, privately-owned land.

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