How Can I Buy Land from the Council?

27 November 2018
by Patrick Gallagher

I have identified a patch of vacant land and I enquired to Scottish Land Registry about the owner.

It is considered to be two plots, measuring 548.5m2 and 360m2, owned by Glasgow City Council.

I live only yards from it and I know it has been vacant for a long time. In fact, one portion has signs of having had a residence before. There are old entrance pillars leading up to a flat level site. This sits between two commercial premises which were formally residential homes.

I also have copies of the sasine register.

My friend and I each own our own flats, which we would sell in order to finance the purchase. We want to build a resident home for ourselves to live in .

Before instructing conveyancing solicitors etc, should I write a letter of enquiry to Glasgow City Council? If so would you consider helping me write it?

I also want to know whether I get government aid/grants for self building? And if we were to go green, would we get financial aid?

I appreciate your assistance and advice.

One Answer

  1. Angela Doran says:

    Hi Patrick,

    In this case, the best thing to do is to email the Self Build Officer (me) at who can liaise with the Vacant and Derelict Land Officer to check what the current status of the land is.

    There may be an existing use intended for it and, if not, it may be for sale through City Property.

    The Self Build Officer will also be able to place you on the Council’s Self Build Register and keep you informed of future plot releases.

    As well as the Pilot Project in Maryhill, Glasgow City Council will be releasing serviced plots on four other sites as part of our self build programme.

    I’m afraid there aren’t any grants as such for self build. However, there is a government loan scheme which you may be eligible for:

    Hope that helps,

    Angela Doran, self build officer for Glasgow who also used to administer the Vacant and Derelict Land Register. Angela is NaCSBA’s self build representative for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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